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Do you know that more than 7 lakh candidates apply for Civil Services Prelims every year in the hope to clear it? But only a few thousand aspirants qualify.

So, how do you improve your skills in General Knowledge and General Ability, especially when you have so much to learn in very limited time? That's the challenge we wanted to solve when we started e-learning courses.

This online email course is exclusively for CSAT aspirants who are serious about preparing for Civil Services Examination. In short, online practice course along with powerful email lessons that will make you excel in CSAT!

  CSAT 2020
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Course Coverage

Stone Age - Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic; Chalcolithic Age; Bronze Age; Indus Valley Civilization; Vedic Period; Post-Vedic Age - Mahajanapadas; Buddhism and Jainism; Magadh Empire; Mauryan Age; Sangam Age, Kushan Empire, Gupta Empire, Post Gupta Period; South Indian Dynasties

Delhi Sultanate, Important Dynasties, Mughal Dynasty, Emergence of New States

British East India Company Rule - Reasons from Coming to India, Methods of Colonisation; Important Battles; Economic Impact -  Land Revenue Settlements; Impact on Society and Culture; Protests Movement; Regulating Act 1773; Governor Generals, Viceroys of India; Religious and Social Awakening; Resistance Movements against British Rule - Peasant Revolts, Tribal Revolts

Revolt of 1857 - Causes, Suppression, Impact; Origin of Nationalism; Indian National Congress; Partition of Bengal; Radical Nationalists; Muslim League; Morley - Minto Reforms; First World War; Mahatma Gandhi; Jallianwala Bagh Massacre; Non-Cooperation Movement - Dandi March; Revolutionaries; Simon Commission, Purna Swaraj, Civil Disobedience Movement, Cripps Mission; Second World War; Quit India Movement, Cabinet Mission, Mountbatten Plan; Partition and Independence of India

Constitution - Meaning, Formation, Parts, Schedules; Constitutional Values and Salient Features; Federal System in India; Parliamentary Form of Government; Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties; Directive Principles of State Policy; Bills; Constitutional Bodies; Amendments

Local Government - Rural, Urban; Growth of Local Governments, 73rd and 74th Amendments, Three Tier Structure, Eleventh Schedule; Panchayati Raj System; Municipal Corporations; District Administration

Council of Ministers, Prime Minister; President, Vice President; CAG; State Level - Governor, Chief Minister & Council of Ministers

Lok Sabha, Speaker, Rajya Sabha; Legislative Procedures, Money Bills; State Legislature - Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council, Functions

Structure of Judiciary; Judges; Supreme Court - Jurisdiction, PIL, Judicial Review; State Level - High Court, Subordinate Courts

Political Parties - Evolution, Growth, Party System; Elections in India; From Nehru to Shastri to Indira Gandhi; Congress Split; Emergency; Coalition Government

Solar System, Movements of the Earth, Spherical Coordinates, Standard Time, Structure, Continents, Oceans, Atmosphere, Climate

Location; States and UTs; Dimensions; Population; Neighbours; Agriculture; Physical Divisions - Mountains, Plains, Peninsular Plateau, Desert, Coastal Plains, Islands; Soils; River Systems - Himalayan, Peninsular; Minerals

Location, Indian Standard Time, Size, Mountains - Northern Mountain, Himalayas, Trans Himalayas, Puranchal; Plains- Western Plain, Ganga-Brahmaputra Plain; Indian Plateau -Central Highlands, Deccan Plateau; Indian Desert; Coastal Plains; Islands

Himalayan and Peninsular Rivers; Himalayan - Indus, Ganga, Brahmaputra; Peninsular - Narmada, Tapi, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri

Factors Affecting Climate; Mechanism of Monsoon; Diverse Climate & Weather Conditions; Climatic Zones; Cycle of Seasons - Winter, Summer, South-West Monsoon, Retreating South-West Monsoon, North-East Monsoons; Rainfall

Biodiversity - Meaning, Significance; Natural Vegetation - Tropical Evergreen Forests, Tropical Deciduous Forests. Thorn Forests, Tidal Forests, Himalayan Forests; Wildlife - Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks, Tiger Reserves, Wetlands, Biosphere Reserves; Conservation of Biodiversity

Types of Farming - Subsistence / Commercial, Intensive / Extensive, Plantation, Mixed; Cropping Pattern, Irrigated and Rainfed Farming, Major Crops - Food grains, Commercial crops, Plantation crops, Horticulture; Features and Challenges of Indian Agriculture

Classification of Soils - Alluvial Soils, Black Soil, Red and Yellow Soil, Laterite Soil, Arid Soils, Saline Soils, Peaty Soils, Forest Soils

Modes of Transport - Land (Road, Rail), Water, Air; Communication - Personal, Mass; New Communication Technology

Classification of Mineral Resources, Distribution, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Minerals, Mineral Fuels, Renewable Energy, Industries, Cotton Textile Industry, Sugar Industry, Iron and Steel Industry

Meaning; Branches - Micro, Macro; Positive and Normative Economics; Human Wants; Goods and Services; Types of Economies; Economic Development; Sectors of Economy; Central Problems

Barter System; Money - Need, Functions, Types; Bank - Functions, Types; Credit Creation; Monetary Policy, SLR and CRR, Open Market, Policy Rates; RBI

Circular Flow of Income, Intermediate and Final Goods, Gross and Net Measure, Market Price and Factor Cost, GDP and NDP, GNP and NNP, Real GDP and Nominal GDP, CPI

Government Budget, Structure of Budget, Deficit and Surplus Budget, Budgetary or Fiscal Policy

Trade - Export and Import; Balance of Payments, Foreign Exchange Market, Foreign Exchange Reserves, National Income in Open Economy

Indian Economy at Independence; Indian Economy after Independence; Features of Indian Economy; Economic Planning; Agriculture, Industry and Trade; Economic Liberalization; Three Sectors - Primary, Secondary, Tertiary; Challenges

Ecosystem, Biotic Community, Food Chain and Food Web, Energy Flow, Biogeochemical Cycles, Adaptations, Population

Natural Disasters, Human Population, Deforestation, Pollution, Waste, Ozone Layer, Global Warming, Photochemical Smog, Acid Rain

Average Formula, Properties, Central Value, Weighted Average, Average Speed

Least Common Multiple, Highest Common Factor, Applications of LCM and HCF

Comparison of Ratio, Proportion, Variation

Meaning of Percent; Conversion to and from fractions and decimals; Percentage Ratio Equivalence; Percentage Changes; Product Stability Ratio; Applications of Percentage

One Day Work, Fundamental Rules, Time Work Equivalence, LCM Method of Solving, Collective Work, Pipes and Cisterns

Distance Time Formula, Average Speed, Relative Speed, Problems on Trains, Boats and Streams, Circular Tracks

Linear Polynomial; Linear Equation in One Variable - Solution, Word Problems; Linear Equations in Two Variables - Graph, Simultaneous Linear Equations - Graphical Method, Algebraic Method; Word Problems; Inequality

Arithmetic Progression - General term, Sum of first n terms; Arithmetic Sequence, Geometric Sequence, Harmonic Progression, Relation Between AGH, Sum of Natural Series

Perimeter, Area; Heron's Formula; Triangle; Rectangle and rectangular paths; Circle and circular paths, Sector of Circle; Combination of figures; Square, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Trapezium, Quadrilateral; Solid Figures - Surface area and Volume; Cuboid, Cube, Cylinder, Cone, Frustum of Cone, Sphere, Hemisphere, Pyramid

Data - Collection, Presentation; Cumulative frequency table; Graphical representation - bar, histogram, frequency polygon; Measures of Central Tendency - Mean, Median, Mode; Raw data and Ungrouped data

Types of Sets, Operation on Sets, Important Formulas, Venn Diagram

Series Figures, Figure Matrix, Embedded Images

Types of Statements, Standard Format, Single Statement Conclusions, Two Statement Conclusions

Types of Logical Puzzles, If - Then (Formal) Logic, Contrapositive, Logic Chain Addition, Sequencing, Linear Logic, Grouping Logic, Circular Arrangement

Representation of Data, Tips for Data Interpretation, Table, Line Graph, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Radar Chart

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