Indian History Course

Indian History Course


30-day email course in Indian History that will take you on a journey from Ancient History till India got Independence.

The course will help you in understanding Historical aspects to clear competitive exams.

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30 Days Plan

Ancient Indian History

  1. Stone Age; Indus Valley Civilization
  2. Vedic Period
  3. Mahajanapadas; Religions - Buddhism & Jainism
  4. Magadh Empire; Alexander's Invasion; Age of Mauryas
  5. Kushan Empire; Gupta Empire; South Indian Dynasties

Medieval Indian History

  1. Delhi Sultanate; Important Dynasties
  2. Mughal Dynasty
  3. Emergence of New States - Hyderabad, Awadh, Bengal, Rajputs, Sikhs, Marathas, Jats

Modern Indian History

  1. Europeans Arrival to India
  2. British East India Company
  3. Important Battles of Modern India: Battle of Plassey, Battle of Buxar
  4. Regulating Act 1773; Governor Generals of India
  5. Subsidiary Alliance; Anglo-Mysore Wars, Anglo-Maratha Wars, Anglo-Sikh Wars
  6. Doctrine of Lapse
  7. Land Revenue Settlements
  8. Viceroys of India

Indian National Movement

  1. First War of Independence, 1857
  2. Indian National Congress
  3. Partition of Bengal, 1905
  4. All India Muslim League
  5. Morley - Minto Reforms, 1909
  6. Mahatma Gandhi, Champaran and Kheda
  7. Rowlatt Act, 1919; Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
  8. Government of India Act, 1919
  9. Non-Cooperation Movement
  10. Simon Commission, 1928
  11. Lahore Congress - Purna Swaraj
  12. Salt March, 1930; Civil Disobedience Movement
  13. Cripps Mission, Quit India Movement
  14. Cabinet Mission, Mountbatten Plan