General Aptitude Course


Online and email course covering General Knowledge (History, Geography, Economics, Political Science), General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental), General English, and Basic Mathematics (Quantitative Ability).

Improving your basic concepts and question solving skills is essential for excellence in your career - both for clearing entrance exams and for getting jobs. Even if you are not aspiring for any of these, learning and solving basic questions is necessary exercise for your brain!

But how do you improve your knowledge and skills, especially when you have so much to learn in very limited time? That's the challenge we wanted to solve when we started e-learning courses.

  General Aptitude Course
Course Validity One Year
Login access to learning portal
Daily questions at your email
Chapter-wise important questions
Answers and solutions of questions
Revision study material and notes
Clear your doubts through email & forum
100% 7-day money back guarantee
Price (One Time) ₹390